Team SafeTracks™ took part in the local Walk for Alzheimer’s in June 2017! The day consisted of great friends, great food and a beautiful day. Our team wore the TRiLOC™ Personal GPS Emergency Communication Device to monitor our progress throughout the walk and was able to show those interested how the device works in real time. Watch the

The TRiLOC™ GPS wearable is now available through Alberta Health Services RED DEER, AB –(Marketwired – Updated – June 27, 2017) – Canadian owned company SafeTracks GPS Canada Inc. announced today it will be offering a GPS wearable device to provide a long term care alternative for patients living with dementia and seniors who are Read more about SafeTracks™ Health & Wellness Leasing Program to Benefit Alberta’s Seniors at Risk for Falls or Wandering[…]

Here’s a scenario: Dad has a mild form of dementia and still lives at home with mom. Mom is the primary caregiver, but is still able to leave dad at home while she runs errands and goes to the grocery store. One day, Mom comes home to find the Read more about The Senior List: SafeTracks™ Personal Locator: Monitoring for those with Dementia[…]

With the rates of Alzheimer’s increasing each year exponentially, comfort is a key component when your loved one is living with dementia.

Experiencing Dramatic Changes Dementia is a strenuous concept to grasp… Those whom are affected tend to experience dramatic changes that intervene on their day to day life.  As the illness progresses, people living with dementia will lose their short term memory however hold some sort of dominance over long term memory. Within our communities, GPS monitors Read more about Why People Unexpectedly Wander[…]

Autism Awareness SafeTracks GPS has been in the Personal Monitoring industry for just over nine years. Today’s society lives in a somewhat reactive mindset when it comes to autistic children wandering. SafeTracks™ understands that children who live with development disorders are prone to wandering which creates an enormous amount of stress within families and their Read more about Participate and Support Autism Research[…]