For less than $2.50/ day you can now lease the most advanced GPS Personal Location Device available. The TRiLOC™, wrist-worn watch, is ideal for people living with Dementia and other Cognitive Disorders, maintaining their Independence and Security.

SafeTracks GPS Canada Inc. (SafeTracks) announces the launch of their TRiLOC™ Leasing Program. Caregivers and Family Members can now lease the TRiLOC™ GPS Personal Locator watch for less than $2.50/day. Providing an affordable alternative for low income seniors.

SafeTracks President, Vince Morelli, along with our Sales & Marketing Director Lorinda Porter, attending the ACCA IQ 2016 on September 14-15.

As September is recognized across the globe as World Alzheimer’s Month, raising awareness internationally for dementia condoned a strong impact resulting in great campaign success. Also incorporate #WAM2016 #RememberMe into your search engine if you require more information.

This past weekend, TEC Edmonton hosted the Health stream at the 2016 Banff Venture Forum.

Alzheimer’s causes disorientation, which can lead to wandering. Here’s how to curb or prevent wandering, as well as ensure a safe return if your loved one is lost.