This past weekend, TEC Edmonton hosted the Health stream at the 2016 Banff Venture Forum.

The profile of a Red Deer technology company is being enhanced by a study into the use electronic devices to monitor people with dementia and other cognitive impairments.

Three hundred missing persons investigations a year, all linked to Calgary hospitals and health facilities.

For city police, it’s a massive investment in terms of manpower and resources to find people who are often confused, scared and unable to remember where they are, or even where they belong.

While it won’t prevent an attack, a pilot program in Red Deer is helping women trying to escape abusive relationships feel safer, said the head of that city’s emergency shelter.

A convicted pedophile on conditional release approaches a youngster at a playground. But before he can reach the child, a device strapped to his ankle emits an ear-piercing alarm, followed by the stern voice of a police officer.