Why People Unexpectedly Wander

Experiencing Dramatic Changes

Dementia is a strenuous concept to grasp… Those whom are affected tend to experience dramatic changes that intervene on their day to day life.  As the illness progresses, people living with dementia will lose their short term memory however hold some sort of dominance over long term memory. Within our communities, GPS monitors are available and when utilized adequately; those who wander unexpectedly can be easily located ensuring your loved ones are secure.

Many outsiders simply cannot grasp what those living with dementia experience on a daily basis. Anything little to big from not being able to recall who your spouse is, what you ate for dinner that night or even beginning to believe you are an adolescent when really, you have aged 50 years.

Remembering Those Close to You

Depending on which stage you are in, you may remember those close to you such as family members, friends, caregivers etc. however the following day they could appear as complete strangers. Now imagine an unfamiliar face walking through your home… How would you feel? What actions would you take? For any ordinary person, our first instinct would to be panic and possibly even contact police services… But this is not the case. People who live with dementia, experience these unfortunate situations every single day. For those who surround them, it is our responsibility to do our very best to encourage social engagement increasing brain activity and movement to keep them feeling active. Without this, their quality of life will slowly descend.

Don’t Take Days For Granted

For those of us who take advantage of most days, seriously consider every day as a gift. Memory seems like something we will hold in us forever, who knows, at some point in your life YOU could be diagnosed. People living with dementia would do anything to remember what they ate for breakfast that day … Instead they’re still confused on what happened in the last 20 years of their lives. Don’t take any day for granted, some day you may not know what day it is.