Positive Environments Create Positive Minds for Alzheimer's

Familiar Places For Unfamiliar People

With the rates of Alzheimer’s increasing each year exponentially, comfort is a key component when your loved one is living with dementia. Currently, as Alzheimers.net explains, Worldwide, nearly 44 million people have Alzheimer’s or a related dementia. (Alzheimer’s Disease International). That number is estimated to triple by 2030.

Simplicity to Complexity

Constructing a pleasant setting for seniors will enhance their environment positively, providing them withPositive Living for Seniors ease. Alzheimer’s not only weakens their abilities to learn but also damages their memory dramatically. As the disease progresses, the simplest things that were once easy to recall such as People, Names, and Places you would come across daily, becomes unfamiliar. The unfamiliarity of not knowing who and/or where you are becomes incredibly frustrating leading to increased stress levels, slowly guiding the person into isolation.  However, if seniors are often introduced to confined unorganized environments, often they will feel exactly that. Older persons who are experiencing Alzheimer’s should find themselves in a tidy space allowing movement if needed, encouraging social engagement, and providing brain boosting activities that one enjoys. In other words, keep moving and stay active!

Positive Outlooks

Living in an upbeat environment that supports senior’s health, independence and security, will allow them to experience a more positive outlook on life. While motivating them to engage in conversations and enjoy everyday activities to the fullest. Better quality of life will evidently result in keeping Mom and Dad home longer, happier.

There are many techniques to make them feel “at home” whether they, fortunately, are capable of continuing living at home or residing in care facilities.


At Home:                                                                                                                                                        At Care Facility: